That Guy’s Pick

The album was released in both digital and physical formats on October 16, 2015. The album name and release date were announced on July 7, 2015 via a social media and the release of a new single, “You Got Spirit, Kid”, available to stream.[1] A second single, “Here to Mars” was released on September 3, 2015.[7] On August 6, 2015 a limited edition, deluxe box set was announced.[8] This deluxe box set includes two CDs—the album and a disc of demo tracks—two hardcover books—one featuring album lyrics and artwork and another featuring a “behind-the-scenes look” of the album’s creative process—an in-studio DVD, and a clear 7-inch record of unreleased demo tracks. Purchasers also received an instant download of “You Got Spirit, Kid,” a membership card, a custom house key, a lapel pin, a certificate of authenticity; as well as exclusive, members-only access to new music, videos, concert tickets, merchandise and commentary from the band. The week of the release, the band streamed the entire album on the Pandora radio site.


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